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Every now and then, something comes our way that leaves us scratching our heads in uncertainty. We examine it and talk about it and examine it some more, searching for valid possibilities to explain the situation. Most times, we are able to find the answers; other times, we’re not – and it’s those other times that brings us here now.

This past weekend, Holly’s husband was out hiking in the Kananaskis area.  One of the places he visited was a man-made stream just off the highway.  The photographs below were taken in sequence with a Nikon Coolpix 20.1 megapixels digital camera.  There was a 2-3 second delay between each picture. The area in question has been circled to make it easier to identify the reason we are sharing these photos.

During the examination, Noelle caught something opposite the circled areas. The same substance was present in the first two images, but not in the third – as shown below:


While we haven’t found a logical explanation for these anomalies, we are not suggesting they are paranormal. We have been able to rule out lens flare, reflection, dust, scratches or cracks inside the lenses, and fingerprints and/or other oil-based objects on the outside of the lens. According to Holly’s husband, these anomalies were not visible to the naked eye at the time the photographs were taken.

What are your thoughts? Can you explain these markings? We’d love to hear from you!


We are pleased to announce that our team’s demonologist and researcher, Paul, will be sharing his knowledge and opinions about this aspect of the paranormal here on this blog.  In the coming weeks, his first article will appear. As we’ve done for Robyn with the “Debunker’s Den”, a new category for Paul will be appearing on the sidebar. We are giving it the working title, “Devil’s Advocate”.

This is a wonderful way for our team to stay in touch with our followers and we hope to add more over time.

Have a great weekend, everyone. Thanks for sticking with us…

Date: Jan. 28, 2016, Case #001

Location:  Private Residence, Kelowna, BC

Investigators:  Robyn, Pat, Madison, Lisa

Case Status:  closed

The Investigation

The investigators arrived at the client’s home at approximately 8:00 pm. The client remained at the premises and the downstairs tenants were home. The roommate had moved out at this time and her bedroom was more or less empty of possessions.

Investigators Madison and Lisa were introduced to the client. Then, a walk-through of the premises was conducted to familiarize them with the house. The team did not have access to investigate the basement apartment, but the tenants did give permission to set up a video camera in the area where a claim of an apparition was seen. After setting up the camera, the investigators headed back upstairs to begin the investigation.

As most claims were localized to the kitchen and roommate’s bedroom, the investigators concentrated their efforts in those locations. The client remained in the living room for the duration of the investigation. Robyn and Lisa went to the bedroom to conduct an evp session and tried to elicit a response on the EMF detector. Pat and Madison remained in the kitchen and conducted an evp session of their own. After about forty-five minutes, the two teams switched locations.  Pat and Madison went to the bedroom while Robyn and Lisa went to the kitchen.

After completing these sessions, the investigators returned to the living room to discuss with the client whether the roommate’s moving out created any new experiences. At this time Pat and Lisa returned to the bedroom to conduct a spirit box session. The client stated that since the move things had been really quiet, other than one instance of noises at night. Another spirit box session was held in the living room at the request of the client.

The investigation was wrapped at 11:00 pm. At this time, both Robyn and Pat remarked that the location felt very different – it felt quiet and calm – from  the preliminary investigation.


This home is very small, with paper-thin interior and exterior walls.  Contamination from outside noise was also a problem. Careful review and analysis of all audio and video data yielded no evidence to validate the client’s claims, most of which seemed to be centered around the now-former roommate. The roommate recently lost her husband; the client has reported that since the roommate moved out, no further activity has occurred.  Thus, it is our opinion that the roommate may have been unconsciously creating the occurrences as a means of coping with the tragic death of her husband.  The client has validated this opinion, and thus, we have closed this case.

On behalf of the entire Okanagan team, we extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to our client and to the downstairs tenants for their patience and hospitality.