Where are you located?

We are based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Do you travel to other provinces or other countries?

At this time [November, 2021], due to ongoing restrictions regarding covid, we are not traveling internationally. Travel to other provinces within Canada is dependent upon whether or not there are covid restrictions at borders.

Do you charge for your investigations?

No. However, for local investigations, we do request a minimum $30 donation to help us cover fuel costs. For locations 2 or more hours outside of Calgary, we do require a fee to cover accommodations, fuel, and meals. The fee is entirely dependent on the location we’re being asked to investigate.

Do you invite groups of people to investigate with you?

Groups of people: No. In our experience, the more people there are at an investigation, the greater the chances become of noise contamination. Also, the more people who attend an investigation, the greater the risk becomes of someone wandering off and/or possibly getting hurt. However, we are willing to take up to two guests.

Do you collaborate with other teams?

We are definitely open to that, yes.

On your Team page, a dog is listed as a team member. Do you use dogs in investigations?

Yes, when the situation allows. All animals are highly sensitive to fluctuations in electromagnetic energy fields – they are living EMF detectors. Whenever possible, we do try to employ either Holly’s dog, or a client’s pet, to help us locate and focus on those changes. However, we will only bring an animal into an investigation if we feel it is safe to do so. For example, we would never bring an animal to an investigation into a reportedly hostile, aggressive, or otherwise dangerous entity.

Do you allow clients to be present and/or participate in investigations?

Generally speaking, we prefer to have our clients away from their home or business so that we can focus on the investigation without having to think about the sources of sound, movement, and other factors. As mentioned above, the less people who are present during an investigation, the less chance there is of noise or other audio or visual contamination. People often do things like shuffle our feet, sigh, and etc. without being aware of it. Our equipment is very sensitive; it can pick up the sound of a pin hitting carpet. By having our clients away from the location during our investigation, the chances of that happening are dramatically reduced, which means that any odd lights or sounds we may capture are more likely to be genuine anomalies.