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Photo by Paul

Date: Nov. 21, 2021    Time: approx. 12:30pm    Location: Undisclosed
Investigators: Holly, Paul, Shae
Equipment: dowsing rods, voice recorders, cell phone cameras, video camera, spirit box
Conditions and Variables: mainly cloudy with occasional sunny periods, mild temperature, occasional but light breeze, cattle grazing and lowing, distant traffic, power lines by the main road

The Investigation

The investigation began with equipment malfunctions. Despite having fully charged batteries, Paul’s voice recorder would not turn on properly, and when it did turn on, it would not access the record settings. The video camera battery – which was fully charged – inexplicably drained by nearly 40% within a minute of starting to film.

Shae opened the investigation with dowsing rods. Using simple yes or no questions and referencing some of the information we already have as verification, we made contact with the murder victim. After several minutes of questioning, the session was closed.

The next step was to conduct an Estes session with the spirit box. Because headphones were unavailable, Paul used ear buds. To ensure that he would not hear the questions being asked or read Shae and Holly’s lips during questioning, he turned his back. Shae and Holly stood approximately 10 feet away from Paul and conducted the questioning very quietly. There was little to no response; Shae suggested there may not be enough radio stations to scan, which in turn could make communication much more difficult. He and Holly did continue the session for several more minutes, but without success.Taking Shae’s opinion into account, it was decided that no further Estes sessions would be attempted.


The team spent just over an hour at the location. Paul used the video camera on his cell phone as a back-up camera to the main video camera, and Shae conducted a second, but shorter session with the dowsing rods. During the wrap-up, Holly and Paul discovered their voice recorders had spontaneously turned off. Aside from a quick battery change after the first battery drained out completely, the video camera was the only remaining source of data; it continued to operate throughout the entire investigation without interruption or malfunction. Both Holly and Paul reported that when they tried to access the files on their voice recorders, the files were completely gone; they did not exist. All folders were checked, but the files were gone.

Neither Holly, Shae, nor Paul can explain the data loss or the rapid battery drain on the video camera. All three team members did, however, report feelings of heaviness, sadness, and even anger and frustration. Power lines were several hundred feet away – as was the main road – there were no buildings in the area that could have housed electrical or other equipment that could interfere with or otherwise cause any of the equipment to malfunction, and to the best of their knowledge, there were no underground lines of any kind to affect the equipment. At this time, the team has no explanation for any of the effects they experienced.

Weather permitting, the second stage of this investigation takes place on Nov. 28, 2021. Holly, Paul, and Shae will be investigating the area where the victim’s body was found. There is speculation that the victim may have still been alive when the killer moved them to the location…

This weekend, the team is heading out of town to begin the investigation into a still-unsolved murder that took place over 40 years ago. It’s considered to be “cold” now, due to a lack of new, viable leads, but this case remains active. Our hope is that we’ll be able to get some new leads that may help police finally find the killer and – if he’s still alive – arrest and charge him.

This is a very sensitive case. The killer has managed to avoid being caught and has probably been living a carefree life, while the family and friends of his victim have suffered – and continue to suffer – incredible pain that is compounded by not knowing who did it and the resulting absence of justice.

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