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Date:  Feb. 19, 2016 – preliminary investigation

Location: Local private residence, Forest Lawn area

Claims: hearing voices, electronics turning on and off by themselves, unexplained noises, seeing shadow figures, physical contact (feeling pressure of someone laying on top of one of the clients)

Investigators:  Holly and Christine

Historical Background

The area of Forest Lawn was first settled in the early 1900’s.  On July 4, 1934, along with the adjacent Albert Park area, Forest Lawn was incorporated as a village.  On Aug. 1, 1935, Albert Park and Forest Lawn amalgamated under the name of The Village of Forest Lawn.  Then, in 1952, it became incorporated as the Town of Forest Lawn.  In Dec. of 1961, the area was officially annexed to the City of Calgary.

Over the years, the Forest Lawn area has become known for gang activity, drugs, prostitution, and many, many deaths – some by natural causes, some accidental, and some by murder.  Because of the ongoing high-crime rate in this area, Forest Lawn has a palpable and persistent aura of negative energy.

The Interviews

The first interview was conducted with the client, who told us that she began noticing unusual and unexplained activity in 2004 – approximately one year after moving into the home. She stated that the oldest child was suffering from nightmares and was refusing to sleep in their room; she also shared that she offered the child the typical response, which was that they were just having bad dreams, it was just their imagination playing tricks on them, and etc.

The client then shared with us that the activity appeared to increase when their second child was born, and that it became obvious when that child reached about one year of age. The client stated that the child began suffering from night terrors, and would often “scream and scream and scream”.  The client further added that the child would sometimes be found hiding under their bed or in a corner of the room, and that this escalated to a degree where the client felt there was no option other than to move the child’s bed into her and her husband’s bedroom.

The second interview was conducted with the oldest minor child, who is 16 years of age.  The minor child shared with us that an apparition the child says is named “Cody” has appeared more than once.  The minor child also stated there is something wrong with the shoulder, and that this entity is wearing a green sweater every time it’s seen.  The minor child also informed us that another, much darker presence has been seen and felt on more than one occasion.  In one instance, the minor child told us that a very heavy presence was felt laying on top of the child, making breathing very difficult, and movement all but impossible.  The child stated that the only thing they could think of at that moment was how to not make the entity angry.  The minor child also shared that they have been experiencing these events intermittently for a number of years, and that when the child was a few years younger, they drew a picture of the entity.  The child stated that they no longer sleep in their basement bedroom, but now, they sleep in their younger sibling’s room.  The child stated that this is because they are afraid to be alone in the basement any more.

The third interview was conducted with the middle child, who is 12 or 13 years of age.  The child appeared to be unwilling to talk about what they have experienced in the past, or what they have been experiencing recently.  Based on what little we were able to encourage the child to share with us, there appears to be little to no activity occurring for them.

The fourth interview was conducted with the youngest child, who is 8 years of age.  The child stated that they don’t like to sleep in their room because they keep hearing noises they can’t identify and they feel like someone is in their closet. The child said it’s “very scary” and it’s hard to sleep.

The final interview was conducted with the client’s spouse, who stated that he was skeptical that anything unusual was occurring. He was certain there was a logical explanation for the claims being made. He also stated that he has owned the home for about 20 years, but while he did not experience any unusual occurrences, people who stayed in the home – either visitors or renters of the basement suite – reported activity. He added that it was only recently that he had a couple of experiences he could not explain. The first instance was the middle of the night and everyone was sleeping; he was in the kitchen, and he heard someone call his name.  The second instance was two days before we arrived; he said he saw a shadow figure in the hallway that made him jump. He checked to see if one of the children was up, but found them all sleeping. The husband also stated that while sleeping in the youngest child’s room, he was awakened twice by someone touching him.

After finishing the interviews, we conducted a full EMF sweep of the entire home.  No unusual spikes or high levels of EM were detected anywhere in the home.  All levels were within normal ranges.  The investigation was set for Mar. 6, 2016.  Details and results will be provided after data has been reviewed and analyzed and we have met with our clients to go over our findings.

Okanagan Case #001: Preliminary Investigation, Private Residence

Date:  Jan. 23, 2016

Location:  Rutland area, Kelowna B.C.

Claims:  feeling watched; confused; tired; sad and drained; doors opening and objects falling from cupboards; awakened at night by voices and noises; odd or strange dreams; unusual behaviour of animals residing in the home.

Investigators: Robyn, Pat


Rutland is a community of approximately 35,000 residents inside the City of Kelowna. 150 years ago, the areas now known as Rutland, Black Mountain, and the Mission Valley up to Joe Rich, were known as N’Wha-quisten, meaning the “Valley of the Smoothing Stones”. Black Mountain itself was the source for rocks used make arrowheads, flints and spears. The first white settlement occurred approximately around 1858 when a wagon train came through headed for the gold fields. The sight of the oxen and wagons left and indelible impression upon the local natives, and it was to be the end of their isolation. Rumours that early white settlers discovered a buried building and artifacts that might lead suspicion that the Spanish (from California) may have been in the Rutland area at some time around 1800.

The client’s home is located in an area notorious for its share of negativity and conflict that is rooted in the past. Today, the residents and city work together to clean up the area and improve the reputation garnered by negative media coverage and past occurrences.

The Preliminary Interview

The investigators arrived at the home at approxmately 1pm to begin the preliminary interview and take baseline EMF readings.  The home is small, consisting of a main floor and basement suite. The client resides on the main floor with her dog, two cats, and a roommateate who is currently in the process of moving out. The client believes the house to be around 40 to 50 years old and original to the street.

The client informed us of her belief that the occurrences she is experiencing may have a connection to the roommate’s deceased husband, who passed away suddenly. The client reached this conclusion because most of the activity seems to involve the roommate: no previous activity was occurring prior to the roommate moving in; activity seems to be concentrated the roommate’s room; the client has had dreams where she was given a message to pass on to the roommate in the form of a “pet name”; the client’s dog growls and displays unusual behaviour toward photos of the roommate’s deceased husband; the roommate seems unable to accept the death.

The investigators were also informed of the sighting of an apparition of two people of Chinese descent clothed in burlap and huddled in a corner , as well as a shadow figure seen in the basement suite by past tenants. The investigators interviewed the current basement-suite tenants; those tenants reported no experiences.

No unusual EMF spikes were recorded. However, after hearing a few unexplained banging noises which coincided with the investigators’ prompting, a quick spirit box session was conducted, and it provided a few interesting responses – most notably, the word “Bye” when they said they were leaving.

Investigation results will be provided after the data has been fully reviewed and analyzed and the client has been informed.

Since our first investigation at this private residence, our clients have been experiencing an increase in activity that now occurs on the main floor, as well as in their child’s room.  This Saturday (Nov. 28), Christine, Shae, and Holly are returning to the location – this time, with Glimmer – to conduct a second investigation.  Our hope is that not only will Glimmer be able to pick up on the source of the activity, she will also be able to draw it out and (hopefully) interact with it.

We expect to spend several hours at the location.  To help minimize the potential for noise contamination, as well as to help Glimmer focus on doing her job, our clients have agreed to vacate the premises for the duration of the investigation.

Results will be posted after the investigation is complete and we have shared our findings with our clients.