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We’ve all taken photos in which small, round balls of pale gray lights are captured. We get excited, because we’re certain we’ve caught an actual spirit or ghost on camera. But, are all orbs actually spirits? 99% of the time, no, they are not. And today’s post is aimed at helping you get a better understanding of why. (more…)

To quote Dr. Shermer: Skepticism is not a position; it’s a process.

After the recent story that ran about WPI in the Calgary Sun, we received many comments (not all nice) regarding the supposed skepticism of the team and the belief that we would explain it all away. This fact is never actually confirmed by us on our website nor was it at the time of the interview. We do however have skeptical team members.

The true meaning of the word skepticism has nothing to do with doubt, disbelief, or negativity. Skepticism is the process of applying reason and critical thinking to determine validity. It’s the process of finding a supported conclusion.”

Yep. I’m a skeptic

My job as debunker is to find a conceivable or possible explanation for what is occurring. I do not come into this role as a disbeliever that the events are occurring. On the contrary, my job is to try find out what is causing them – paranormal or not.

A possibility.

Only by eliminating all other possibilities do we then end up with the paranormal.

Paranormal: denoting events or phenomena such as that are beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding. This does not only cover “ghosts” but all aspects of unexplained phenomena.

Wolf Paranormal has come under fire for having mediums, intuitives and other practitioners on our team. After all, how can you be a skeptic and rely on psychic feelings? All viewings or readings done by our intuitives are used as an experimental process to determine whether or not this type of investigative procedure can be used and relied upon. Information regarding the case is not posted or shared until after they have completed the reading. We have also and will continue to experiment with remote readings. As a skeptic I have often been unable to explain some of their findings and was not able to chalk it up to coincidence.

Being a debunker is not a glorious job as I often have to squash the excitement of fellow team members regarding supposed evidence, but to be fair, they often get me back. A lot of my job is filled with hours of research, syncing of evidence and problem solving. It is always a learning experience. Every case I have done I have learned something new. Some people may call this useless knowledge…..they are usually not paranormal investigators.

When doing evidence review with a client I often think about myself as the “bad cop” and have to remember that some clients may see me in the opposite role of “good cop”. Explaining some of the possibilities to what is occurring often empowers them with the knowledge and ability to take back some or all of the areas of their life that are being affected.

That is not to say I can debunk everything. I can’t.  And I hope I never can.


Lead Investigator and team debunker