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Hello and happy weekend to everyone!  We have a couple of things to share with you, so let’s get to it.


When people contact us for help, one of the questions we ask is whether or not they have been documenting the events that are occurring in their home or business.  Nine out of ten times, the answer is no.

Logging events when they occur is very important.  Not only do those logs help us do our job much more effectively, they also help you, the client, feel like you have at least some control over the situation, and even a small sense of control can be crucial when trying to deal with intense, unexplained activity.

To this end, we are adding a section on our Investigation Request form about whether or not events have been documented.

Document events for a minimum of two weeks before submitting a request for an investigation.  Mark the date, the time of the event, and what occurred.  If there is no activity by the end of the day, note the date and time and mark “no activity”.  This kind of logging helps us do our job much more effectively as it provides us with information that can help us determine the best, most effective method of approaching the situation.  It also helps us determine which team members would be best suited for the investigation.

New Chapter

Since moving out to Lumby, BC,  one of the many things Robyn has been working on is putting together a BC chapter of this team.  If you live in the Lumby, Vernon, or Kelowna area – or in smaller areas that are still within 20 minutes of Lumby – and you’re interested in becoming a part of this growing team, please email Robyn directly at  Only serious applicants, please!

New Team Members:  Honoraries

Last year, we received a desperate call for help from a couple living in the Bowness area of the city.  From the first time we met with them, they have gone out of their way to help us help them, they have done everything we have asked of them – and more – and they have supported us in their business (DogCity DayCare) as well as in their personal lives.  We have investigated their home twice, now, and we are going to be investigating a third time very soon, as the nature of the activity has changed and they have asked us for help.  In fact, some of the changes mentioned in the previous post are, in part, due to their ongoing assistance and support.

With that in mind, and after having carefully considered the matter, the decision was made to make this wonderful couple honorary team members.  So, on behalf of the entire Wolf Paranormal family, I extend a very warm “Welcome!” to Janet and Karen.  🙂

Thanks to all of our followers, friends, subscribers, and clients for your ongoing and continued support of our efforts to help people and families find answers to, cope with, and resolve the unexplained events occurring in their lives.  We appreciate it more than words can ever convey.