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We have been on a very long hiatus – three years, at last count. Life was happening for the entire team; losses, moves, and life in general put us in a position where we had to suspend our paranormal work. We didn’t know if we would get back to it at some point, or if Wolf Paranormal was dead and gone for good. Thankfully, we are still alive – and we are now ready to get back in the saddle.

Because it’s been so long since we picked up our cameras and voice recorders, we decided a refresher investigation at a local cemetery would be a great way to dust off our equipment and our skills. On July 10, 2021, Holly, Paul, and Shae went to Mountainview Cemetery to do that. Here are our findings.

The wind was coming from the north-northwest, sometimes swinging over to come out of the east-southeast. It was a welcome and deeply appreciated gift after the intense heat of the day. Unfortunately, it was also an annoyance, as it hit the mics on the recorders and the video camera the entire time we were investigating. We tried to keep our backs to it to minimize the interference.

During the investigation, some new tools were introduced: the SB-7 spirit box, a phone app called “Necrophonic” that works like a spirit box but is much more clear, and a new video camera. We also used our EMF readers, voice recorders, and phone cameras for video and stills. The EMF readers registered no unusual spikes. Both the Necrophonic app and the SB-7 spirit box provided only minimal and very infrequent responses. Persistent and very loud wind noise across the mics on the recorders and the video camera denied all possibility of hearing any potential evp’s.


Paul captured something unusual while taking still photos with his phone camera. However, close examination of the possible anomaly is impossible. The photo is small, and enlarging it causes massive pixelation. Holly is returning to the cemetery to physically check out the area in question to determine whether the anomaly is genuine, or an optical illusion generated by the natural light and the angle at which the photo was taken.

Due to the extremely loud wind noise persistently blowing across the recorder and camera mics, our voices – along with any potential evp’s – were almost completely drowned out. Holly spent most of a day editing video to minimize or remove the worst of the wind noise, but after reviewing the finished product, the team unanimously agreed it’s a dud and should not be presented to the public. To prevent this from happening in the future, a search was done for filters that would minimize the worst of the wind. Fur wind screens [also called “dead cats”] were found and are expected to arrive in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, sponges will be used to cover the recorder and camera mics.

Overall, the investigation at Mountainview Cemetery got us back on our feet again after our long hiatus. It was nice to get together in person again, and we’re looking forward to investigating some new locations in the very near future.

“…. throw it out.”  This is our philosophy on EVP and video anomalies we capture.  We review and analyze, and at the end of the day, if the capture is still in question, we don’t bother to share it.  Such is the case with the audio and video anomalies we captured at Mountain View Cemetery.  Audio has been determined to be questionable, as we aren’t sure whether we’re hearing a genuine EVP, or traffic.  Video has been determined to be questionable, because we were unable to recreate the conditions in which the anomaly was first captured.  All we can assume is that perhaps it may have been reflection.  Until such time as we have an opportunity to recreate the conditions, that is where we’re at for that scouting trip.

Audio recorded in my home on Oct. 18 is still being reviewed.  As was stated in a previous post, life has been happening, and it has demanded my attention.  However, things are moving forward again, allowing the review to be completed.  Any and all potential EVP captures will be first sent to the rest of the team for analysis before being shared here.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween, everyone.  Thanks for visiting!

Hi, all.  Just wanted to update everyone on the results from our trip to Mountain View Cemetery, as well as the door-knock incident that took place in my home, recently.

Mountain View Cemetery

We have very carefully analyzed the video that Robyn shot, and we found something that seems to be anomalous.  We’re trying to organize a return visit as soon as possible, the intent being to recreate as closely as possible the conditions under which the anomaly was first captured, and see if it recurs.  Our audio equipment also caught potential EVPs.  However, we aren’t certain about those yet, either – which is also one of the reasons we’re trying to organize a return visit.  There are a number of things making odd sounds in the northwest section of the cemetery, so we need to examine them and compare them to the audio we’ve captured, before we present any findings.

Door Knock

I forgot to run the voice recorder the night the incident occurred.  So, I set it up the following night.  I am currently in the process of reviewing the audio.  So far,  there are some interesting sounds captured, and one possible EVP.  The voice recorder ran for 5 hours, 14 minutes.  The audio anomalies captured so far are within the first hour.  I am still reviewing and analyzing.  When the review and analysis has been completed, potential EVP clips will be sent to the other team members for analysis.  My voice recorder is very sensitive; from the living room, it can easily pick up my and my husband’s voices in our bedroom when the bedroom door is closed.  Having other team members review the clips will help determine whether I’m hearing myself and/or my husband, or a genuine EVP.

We sincerely appreciate your patience while we get these things sorted out.  It’s exciting for us when we have these types of situations arise, but it’s also important to us that we conduct thorough review of everything before we present it to the public.  So, thank you again for your ongoing understanding and support.