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It’s been 8 years since Glimmer began her training in the field of ghost detection. It’s been 6 years since testing sessions have been documented. In this time, Glimmer has been involved in many different situations where she suddenly exhibited unusual behaviors that defied rational explanation. This post is an update on responses she has consistently presented.

Positive energies: Glimmer will immediately stop whatever she is doing, she becomes very calm, and she goes into a sit. Her ears move back and down in submission, her head lowers just a little, her tail becomes completely still, and she stares intently in the direction of whatever it is she’s picking up on.

Negative energies: Glimmer suddenly becomes very agitated and nervous. She pants heavily and fast, her tail drops down and between her legs, her back arches a bit, her body stiffens, and she absolutely will not go into a sitting position. She remains standing, her entire body extremely tense and ready to run. She becomes acutely focused on what she’s picking up on and is completely oblivious to everything else around her.

Unfamiliar environments with reported unusual activity: When Glimmer is brought to a new location, she is usually a bit nervous and focused on smelling everything. But once she’s had at least 20 minutes to thoroughly smell the area, she settles down and relaxes. In locations with reported unusual activity, Glimmer becomes hyper-alert and stays that way until we leave the area. Due to this high stress level, time spent in these types of locations is kept to a maximum of 30 minutes, and return visits to the area are made in order to determine if her responses are genuine detections of negative energies, or simply an unfamiliarity with the stimuli of the location.

Due to a variety of different life happenings taking place over the years, Glimmer’s progress has been intermittent. As she has matured, her sensitivities to a variety of things have changed. This is due, in part, to desensitization work with her during her fear phases. However, her reliability in responding to different energies [mentioned above] remains consistent.

I am hoping to resume testing with Glimmer in the next couple of weeks. Tests will be documented through audio and video recordings. Any unusual events or responses will be posted to our YouTube channel, and to this website’s Canine Ghost Detection page.

Date:  Nov. 28, 2015

Location:  Private Residence

Investigators:  Holly, Shae, Cristine, K-9 investigator Glimmer

Case Status:  Closed

Location Status: inconclusive

Investigation with Glimmer

Holly, Shae, and Christine arrived at the location at approximately 8pm.  As per an earlier discussion between the team and the clients, the clients were not present when the team and Glimmer arrived.  The clients provided the team with an entry key.

Beginning with the main floor, Glimmer was taken on a slow but thorough walk-through of the entire home to help her familiarize herself with the location.  Christine filmed the process and Shae took readings with the Mel Meter.  On the main floor, appliances were found to be within normal ranges; an extension cord with several electronics plugged into it did exhibit a momentary high reading, but then it settled to within normal ranges.  Glimmer did not exhibit any unusual behaviors on the main floor.

The team headed upstairs.  Glimmer immediately went towards the child’s room. She sniffed at various toys and she touched some of them, but overall, she did not exhibit any unusual behaviors.  There were no unusual responses from her in any other room on the second floor, nor were there any unusual responses in the basement.

The team had been investigating for approximately 90 minutes when the clients returned home.  At their arrival, the investigation was wrapped, as Glimmer became excited and would not focus on her job.  This is a normal aspect of her character that we have learned to accept. However, we are continuing to work on reducing the intensity of it.


No audio or video was captured to validate the claims being made by the clients. However, the team agrees that because of the documented deaths in the area itself, it is entirely possible that there may be various energies moving across the land and through the townhouse complexes at random times.  This was explained to the clients; they were relieved to learn there is nothing harmful in their home.


Because we did not capture any viable data to validate the possible presence of any energies, we have deemed this case as closed. However, we have reassured the clients that they can contact us if they start having trouble again.

We would like to extend our thanks to our clients for their hospitality to us, and for allowing us to bring Glimmer into their home.


Yesterday, Stephen McLean from CBC Two – Alberta Primetime – came to my home and conducted an interview with me about Glimmer and the detection work I’ve been doing with her.  The interview took about an hour.  Afterwards, we went to a location we had decided on during our initial phone conversation, and while she worked to get herself into her working groove, Stephen quietly followed her around with his camera and filmed her.

In total, the interview time was about three hours. I have to say that it was an experience I won’t soon forget.

Stephen’s energy was absolutely fantastic – calm, assertive, relaxed – which had a tremendously positive effect on both Glimmer and me.  When he first arrived, Glimmer became extremely excited and was jumping all over the place. Without me having to tell him to, Stephen ignored Glimmer’s behavior completely, touching her only when she went into a calm sit position. The second she became excited again, he immediately ignored her.  It was amazing to watch the interaction between the two of them; he gave her calm, assertive patience while she went through the process of realizing that her jumping was unacceptable, and she gave him her full attention… and her adoration. It was beautiful to see.

The in-house interview was wonderful. It was calm, relaxed, and progressive. Stephen’s ability to make a person feel comfortable, to make one feel like their life and what they have to say is genuinely interesting, made the entire process a genuine pleasure.

When we arrived at the location where he would be filming her at work, Glimmer was much more focused than I thought she would be, considering she had a camera very close to her, at times. I can only attribute that to the calm energy coming from Stephen; she accepted everything he did with the camera without getting nervous or anxious about it. Most importantly, she did her job as though he wasn’t even there.  It was wonderful!

I want to extend my sincere gratitude to Mr. McLean for his patience, understanding, and above all, his incredible calmness throughout the entire interview process.  It was a real pleasure, and any time he wants to film us when we’re at public locations, he is more than welcome to do so.

If or when the segment is aired, an update with a link will be posted.  Have a great day!