Blog Story

Hi. I’m Holly, founder of Wolf Paranormal Investigations.  I started a blog in order to document the strange goings-on in our home.  This is our story:

Our home has had unexplained activity since we bought it in November of 1998. We started noticing odd things happening about five years later. Mostly, it was little things, like house or car keys being moved to some other part of the house, but over time, we began hearing odd noises we couldn’t explain. A couple of times, we actually saw empty margarine containers fly off the kitchen pantry and land on the kitchen floor; we were nowhere near the pantry at the time.  We were startled by this, of course, but since there was never anything harmful being done, we didn’t do anything about it.

Then, in October of 2008, something changed. The warmest part of the house started getting cold spots, unpleasant smells started emanating from our bathroom and kitchen – sometimes, those smells would hit me full in the face while my husband and I were in the living room watching television – and both of us started experiencing sleep disruptions. Many times, one or both of us were waking up in the middle of the night by an intense feeling of being watched; on more than one occasion, I was physically touched – my hair would get tugged on, or my arm or shoulder would be touched. One time, my foot was actually pulled so hard the pain woke me up.

Having lived with unexplained events for most of my life, I wasn’t as afraid of these occurrences as I might have been, but they were still unsettling. So, I began to record at night using my webcam. Later, I bought a digital voice recorder, and I began using it as well as the webcam. The audio evidence I gathered was truly astonishing to me, and by December of 2008, I knew I needed to start documenting everything that was happening.

When I began documenting the events taking place in my home and sharing them with friends in the paranormal field, it was suggested to me that I form my own team. I thought that was a good idea; if I could help others who have been experiencing similar events, then it seemed to me that I was obligated to try to help them.

On December 18, 2008, Wolf Paranormal Investigations was born.  Since then, life has been one unexplained adventure after another…