About Us

Holly – founder and lead investigator. Holly has had numerous experiences with paranormal events since very early childhood. Unable to get help, and having her experiences dismissed as “imagination”, Holly wanted others who were suffering similar experiences to know they weren’t alone. In 2007, she created and launched Wolf Paranormal Investigations.

Glimmer – Holly’s dog. Glimmer has occasionally been employed as a canine investigator since 2013. As all animals do, Glimmer possesses an inherent ability to detect and respond to changes in electromagnetic fields humans don’t generally see or feel. This ability makes her an effective, accurate, living EMF detector.

Shae – Occult specialist and investigator. Shae has experienced paranormal events since early childhood. Shae is both intuitive and highly sensitive to the presence of ghosts and spirits; he can also sense energy fluctuations which manifest as emotions being projected by possible ghosts or spirits.

Paul – Researcher, demonologist, and investigator. Paul is a self-proclaimed “open-minded skeptic” who seeks logical answers for unexplained, possibly paranormal experiences and events. He is highly skilled in the fields of historical and location research, and he is studying demonology.

Robyn – A/V analyst. Robyn is highly skilled with audio, photo, and video analysis. She is very knowledgeable about things ranging from light and/or shadow distortions that can cause optical illusions, to the internal mechanics of cameras and voice recorders. This knowledge gives her the ability to identify genuine audio, video, or photo anomalies.

Megan – A/V analyst and investigator. Megan is both intuitive and analytical. She is able to sense changes in energy fields and analyze the potential causes of those changes at the same time. She is very calm when unexplained events [e.g. knocks, bangs, etc.] occur that have no immediate explanation, and when situations become very intense, she possesses an unusual sense of timing for comic relief.