Hello. It’s been awhile since we posted an update – we’re already into the new year! Here’s where we’re at as of right now.

The investigation we’ve started on the unsolved murder is currently on hold due to general winter weather conditions. When ambient air temperatures are sitting at -1ºC or -2ºC [not including wind chill], the cold gets into the equipment and causes malfunctions that can irreparably damage the sensitive internal workings. The second problem we have with this particular case is access: only the main roads into the village are kept clear; everything else is left alone. Currently, the cemetery is inaccessible by car.

While we’ve been waiting for conditions to improve, we have been building a list of discussion topics we’ll be live-streaming on our YouTube channel. The concept was presented by one of our subscribers during one of our live streams, and we all agreed it was a great idea. To that end, we are working on a schedule for a weekly or bi-weekly, hour-long episode on each aspect of what we do; our goal is to teach people about what is involved in an investigation – from scouting locations, to analyzing the data.

As soon as we’re able to set a schedule, we’ll announce it. In the meantime, we want to extend our thanks to everyone who is following us on our social media platforms, and we send a heartfelt “Welcome!” to all of our new subscribers and followers. Happy 2022 to everyone!

  1. ninameikle says:

    Please send me the link when you are going to do this. I would love to be there.


    • Wolf Paranormal Investigations says:

      Hi Nina. We’ll post the link to the channel on the facebook page a couple of hours before we go live. When you click the link make sure you go to the videos tab and then just click the live video. Thanks!


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