Date:  Nov. 23, 2013

Location:  private residence

Claims:  unexplained noises, items thrown off shelves (full list here)

Investigators:  Holly, Robyn, Shae, Megan, Michele

Case Status:  open


We arrived at the home at approximately 9pm.  We spoke for a few minutes with the client, who had volunteered to kennel their dogs at a different location, and to remain out of the home themselves, for the duration of our investigation.  After the client left with their dogs, we split into two teams and began our investigation.  Shae and Megan investigated the basement apartment. Holly, Robyn, and Michele investigated the main floor.

The Basement Suite

Shae and Megan took a voice recorder to the basement suite with them.  The suite has a separate entrance, accessible only from the outside, below the deck attached to the main floor living room.  The apartment has two bedrooms, one of which is used as a type of guest room and contains a bunk-bed and some music equipment.  Shae and Megan noted that this room was quite chilly, and that it had a disquieting ambiance to it they could not explain.  The other bedroom is used by the tenant.  It was in this room that the incense holder seemed to have been thrown from a shelf and against the top of the tenant’s bed, which is a homemade coffin, complete with lid.

Shae and Megan spent approximately half an hour in the suite before deciding to wrap up their part of the investigation and return to the main floor.  Neither reported any unusual experiences, and no data was found on the voice recorder.

When they left the suite and Shae was locking the door, he and Megan both heard an unusual sound coming from the deck above.  There is no access to the deck from outside, there was no traffic on the street at the time, and there were no animals about.  When they entered the client’s area of the home – the main floor – they immediately went out to the deck to investigate.  They found nothing to support their experience.  There were no tracks or footprints of any kind in the snow, and the sound they heard did not repeat itself.  They came back in and waited quietly while Holly, Robyn, and Michele conducted their investigation.  No odd sounds were found on the voice recorder to support their experience.

The Main Floor

Before beginning the investigation, voice recorders were placed in the living room and master bedroom.  Michele placed her video camera, voice recorder, and Ovilus in the storage room, and closed the door.  The investigation then got underway, starting in the guest bedroom, where the client shared that a friend who was staying there had felt a small animal come up on the bed.  The client did not then – and does not now – have small animals.

The spare bedroom has several antique pieces the client had either purchased or received as a gift.  No history about the pieces is available.  The room is very small.  An over-size air bed is directly inside the door, its foot preventing the door from being closed or opened.  To the left of the door is a large, 1960’s-style “secretary’s desk”.  On the floor inside the closet, which is completely open (it appears it was not designed with any kind of door or other privacy screen in mind), is a large, antique trunk.  Sitting on the top of the trunk are several antique pieces.  Beside the head of the bed is a medium-sized, heavy table used as a night stand.

While Robyn operated the night-vision camera, Holly and Michele conducted an EVP session.  During the session, both Robyn and Michele heard unusual sounds coming from the kitchen area.  At this time, Shae and Megan were in the basement apartment.  Upon careful review of the voice recorders and video footage, however, no data was found to support the experiences.  After approximately 10 minutes, the EVP session was closed, and the team moved to the storage room.  A voice recorder was left in the guest bedroom.

The storage room is small and filled with shelving units, a large dresser, and household items.  In the closet – which has no door or privacy screen – a variety of items were stacked up.  The temperature in this room was noticeably cooler, but we attributed this to the age of the home, and the single window not being properly sealed.  The cold-air return vent is also in this room, though it is covered by a waist-high rack from which material and other fabric items hung.  It was in this room that the client had placed the cardboard letters and numbers.

Upon closing the door to this room, the team observed a very cold draft coming into the room from the small gap between the door and the door frame.  Curious, the door was opened and closed several times; each time it was opened, the draft disappeared.  Upon closing it, the draft returned.  This is not deemed as a paranormal event, however;  rather, we think it has something to do with the way the air circulates in the home, as well as the door being out of square.

An EVP session was conducted in the storage room using the Ovilus.  The session lasted for approximately 10 minutes.  During this time, the door was closed in an effort to reduce potential noise contamination on the other voice recorders placed in the living room and guest bedroom.  No one reported any unusual experiences, and though the Ovilus did provide a variety of words during the session, there was no data gathered on the voice recorder to corroborate those words.

After ending the EVP session, the team moved into the master bedroom.  This room contains the mirror the client’s dog rushed at and broke.  The frame has been replaced but the glass remains intact.   The bed frame is an antique.  It is made of iron.  A large dresser, also an antique, sits against the wall and faces the foot of the bed.  Beside the dresser,  a large, antique painting hangs on the wall.  It also faces the bed.  On either side of the bed is a very large, very heavy, antique table used as a night stand.  Like those in the guest and storage rooms, the closet in this bedroom is also very small and has no door or other privacy screening.  During the preliminary interview, the client shared that this closet has been a source of great unease for them.  They shared that they feel watched every time they get dressed or undressed in the room, and that there is a sense of heaviness there that makes them feel very uncomfortable.

An EVP session was conducted in the master bedroom.  During the session, EMF readings were taken, and the K-II meter kept spiking over and around the bed.  At the time, we were uncertain about why that was happening; after researching the event, we learned that iron is one of the highest conductors of electrical energy in existence.   Because of this, and because we were unable to capture any data to support our client’s experiences, we think it’s possible that the sensations our client has been experiencing may be a result of the high levels of electromagnetic energy being conducted through the iron bed frame.

The EVP session in the master bedroom lasted approximately 20 minutes, after which time, the team returned to the storage room for one final, but short, session with the Ovilus.  During this time, Shae and Megan returned and were quietly talking in the living room while they waited for us.

The Findings

No unusual data was captured either on the voice recorders or on the video footage.  However, during the reveal, the clients did connect with several of the words and phrases presented by the Ovilus.  The client also shared that since our investigation, they have had unusual events occurring almost daily, not only in the client’s home, but in the basement apartment, as well.  To the relief of our clients, we were able to explain most of those occurrences.

Based on the personal experiences of all team members, we have concluded that what the client is experiencing is a residual haunt.  However, based on some of the events the clients have experienced, we suspect there is at least one intelligent energy in the home.  Therefore, we are deeming this case as open and we have encouraged the clients to continue documenting each event.

We will be monitoring this case for the next few months, in the event that a return investigation is needed.

On behalf of the entire team, I would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to our clients for entrusting their home to us while they and their dogs left for the duration of our investigation.  I also want to thank them for their thoughtfulness and generosity in providing us with coffee and snacks during our break time, and then again during our reveal with them. We sincerely appreciate their patience in waiting for the results.

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  2. Gaycanuck says:

    How exciting… sounds like you guys did a great job for your client…. you have really build an excellent team!


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