On Nov. 23, the team investigated a local private residence in which the clients have experienced unexplained, disturbing activity.  The home, built some time in the 1950’s or ’60’s, has undergone several renovations over the years, including having an addition built onto the home to allow for the rental of both the main floor and the basement.  There is no interior access to either the main floor or the basement suite of the home; separate entrances on the home’s exterior are the only entry points, ensuring privacy for tenants.

The claims, as shared by the clients, are as follows:

— incense-holder thrown off a shelf and landimg against a bed

— feeling clothing being tugged while cooking (clients do not have children)

— hearing sounds similar to material rustling

— hearing music from 1940’s playing in basement when tenant was not at home

— ornament of a dog’s paw print thrown from wall unit

—  seeing physical impression appear on leather couch, but no one is there

— being woken from sleep by a male voice

— heavy objects being moved in spare room

— hearing a child’s voice

— feeling watched from closet in master bedroom

— feeling watched outside the bathroom door, and then having that “watcher” move inside the bathroom

— cold spots in various areas of the home that have no immediate explanation

During the initial phone interview, the clients shared that they have three dogs, one of which has been displaying reactive behavior in the master bedroom for no reason the client could find.  The client further shared that they have mice, but until recently, none of the dogs displayed this type of reactive behavior.  The client also shared that in order to try and find an answer to what they and their witnesses have experienced, they placed a piece of paper and a pen in the spare room and asked that a name be given to them to tell them who may be in the home.  When they checked on the paper a few hours later, they saw an initial under their written question.

The clients went on to tell us that in an effort to communicate with whomever may be in the home, they created an alphabet and set of numbers out of cardboard and asked that the spirit or spirits use them to communicate their name/names.  Nothing happened with this, and the client did not pursue this activity.  We encouraged the client to avoid that type of communication in the future.

We are now reviewing and analyzing the data gathered during the investigation.  Results will be shared here after we have met with our clients and shared our findings with them.

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  2. Jill Morton says:

    Looking forward to hearing more!

  3. Gaycanuck says:

    WOW, that sounds like some major stuff going on there… very exciting. How are you sis? Worried about you… hope you are ok left you a message… BIG HUGS

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