We are so sorry to keep everyone hanging for so long!  Please accept our apologies for that.

First off, we have some new content on our website!  Make sure you drop by to check it out; we’re pretty excited!

On Oct. 20, we conducted an investigation out of town in a commercial building still in use.  We’re almost finished with the first round of review and analysis; it’s taking a long time because everyone has been crazy-busy, or sick, or both.

Our Oct. 26 investigation at a local private residence was rescheduled to Nov. 9 – that’s this coming Saturday.

We were supposed to meet with our client from this investigation this past Sunday (Nov. 3), but a snow storm came in that made highway driving treacherous, and the client called to reschedule.  Weather is finally starting to settle down, so we hope to be able to meet with our client within the next few weeks.

On Nov. 23, we have another local private residence that we’ll be investigating.  There are some very interesting events occurring, and unlike what we’ve experienced so far, our clients are going to be leaving the premises for the duration of the investigation.  Further details will be provided after the preliminary investigation has been concluded.

Holly is having some computer problems that have delayed production of the movie from our second investigation at Greenhill Mine, in the Crowsnest Pass.  She is working to resolve them, however, and hopes to make headway very soon.  We hope that when the movie is ready for showing, you’ll find that it was worth waiting for.

We hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Halloween.  There were lots of little trick-or-treaters to watch out for, this year, due to the warmer weather we experienced, and we trust that everyone driving exercised caution.

Thanks for sticking with us and waiting so patiently to hear from us.  We really do appreciate it.  Have a great day, and please stay tuned for more on both the concluded and upcoming investigations.  Thanks!


  1. Gaycanuck says:

    Damn that prairie weather! Looking forward to that investigation…

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