Hello, and happy Independence Day to all of our American friends, family, followers, and subscribers!  We have a lot to cover here, so let’s get to it.

With the recent flooding of Calgary and many outlying areas, our work on review and analysis of our June 14-16 investigations data has not been a priority.  Instead, team members in the fields of communication and transportation have been putting in long, hard hours helping organizations and private citizens affected by the flooding get back on track, while other team members have been helping with relief efforts by donating food, water, and other important necessities to flood survivors who most need them.  Over the past week, life has begun to assume a more normalized state, and this past weekend, we were finally able to get together to go over our data.  Now, the work of putting together the movie of our weekend investigations can begin.  We appreciate your patience and understanding very much.

In other news, we have been receiving a lot of applications for team membership, and we have been noticing a trend in which many of those applications state a desire to expand on, explore, and/or generally further psychic abilities.  We want to make it clear that we are investigators of unexplained activity; we do not teach psychic development.  We do have intuitives on the team, but unless they are specifically asked to use their psychic/medium/intuitive abilities, they are expected to investigate with a logical, analytical method.  We appreciate that so many people want to be part of the Wolf Paranormal Investigations family; we just want to make sure people understand that if psychic development is the reason for wanting to join the team, taking courses, instead, would be of much greater benefit.  The environment is safe, and the instructors (should) know what they’re doing.  When we are on an investigation, we’re actively seek activity, and sometimes, we do get what we ask for.  We can’t have team members getting spooked or scared or running away because they joined to develop their abilities and ended up getting more than they bargained for.

Finally – but no less importantly – we are pleased to welcome two new team members-in-training to the Wolf Paranormal family:  Megan Bennett, and Michelle Webster.  Megan is new to the investigation process, but she is bringing to the table a genuine and fervent desire to either prove or disprove the existence of ghosts/spirits from an open-minded but analytical perspective.  Michelle is also new to the investigation process. She shares Megan’s desire for hard proof, as well as being open-minded but analytical.  She is also two years into a Psychology degree, and, like Megan, she has also had personal experiences with the unexplained.  We’re looking forward to working with both of these new team members, and to watching them grow as investigators.  Welcome aboard, Megan and Michelle!

Thanks to everyone who has been sticking with us through thick and thin.  We do appreciate you – so much! – and we hope you’ll stay tuned.  Happy Independence Day!

  1. Gaycanuck says:

    Welcome Megan and Michelle. HAPPY 4th of July!


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