Date:  Mar. 23, 2013

Location:  southeast Calgary

Claims:  doors slamming open and/or shut, shadow figure attacking client, bed covers being lifted up when client is in bed, cold spots at warmest area of home, footsteps in front porch when no one but the client is home

Team members:   Robyn, Holly, Trevor

Case Status:  Closed


We arrived at the client’s home at 9:30pm.  The evening was very crisp, with relatively clear skies.  The neighborhood was very quiet. The client was alone in the home.

The home is one of several located in one of the older areas of the southeast quadrant of the city.  The home is a single story, with a large, enclosed front porch addition.  At this time, we can only estimate the home as being built some time in the 1960’s or 1970’s. The home has three bedrooms, one bath, an open kitchen and living room.  There is no basement.  As already noted, the enclosed porch is an addition built on by the current landlord before the spouse passed away.   It is attached to a kind of mud room, which is also an addition the current landlord built before the spouse passed away.  The door leading to the interior of the home is snugly fit into the frame, making it necessary to use a little bit of force when opening or closing it.  A gust of wind cannot open or close that interior door.

The Investigation

While Robyn took Trevor on a quick walk-through of the home, I stood at the kitchen table and set up and tested equipment to make sure everything was ready to go.  Fresh, fully-charged batteries were put into the digital camera, voice recorder, and K-II meter.  By the time that was done, Robyn and Trevor had returned and we were ready to begin the investigation.

We started in the living room.  The Mel Meter and one voice recorder were placed beside each other at one end of the living room coffee table.  The K-II meter was placed at the other end of the table, nearest to Trevor, who sat on the floor in front of the television. Robyn had put her voice recorder in the master bedroom – the client stated that is the most active area of the home – closed the door to the room, and then stood across from me, Trevor, and the client to film the hallway.  As the client had reported that a shadow figure had come rushing out of the master bedroom and right towards him, Robyn hoped this event would occur again and be caught on camera.  I sat beside the client on the sofa.  We began by introducing ourselves and explaining what our equipment was and what it was for, and then we began asking questions.

At one point, I felt a tug on my hair.  Wondering if perhaps the EMF field from the Mel Meter might be responsible, or if perhaps my hair had somehow come into contact with the antenna, I began testing by leaning over the antenna and moving my hair around, trying to recreate the experience.   I was unable to duplicate it.  However, close examination of the video showed that my hair had, in fact, caught on the tip of the antenna of the Mel Meter, resulting in the slight tugging.

For the first several minutes, there were no responses on any of the equipment.  Then, we asked if there was some anger being directed towards the client (as noted in the preliminary report, the spouse of the landlord had died in the master bedroom of the home, and the client had removed all but a few of the deceased’s belongings upon moving into the home), and suddenly, the K-II meter lit up.  In an effort to learn if we were, in fact, being addressed by the deceased spouse, we began asking more specific questions requiring only a yes/no response.  Three lights meant “yes”, all the lights meant “no”.  We did receive a few “yes” and “no” responses on the K-II meter that seemed to suggest we were communicating with the deceased spouse… and then, there were no further responses.  No responses, EMF changes, or unexplained temperature fluctuations registered on the Mel Meter, either, which was less than three feet away from the K-II meter.

After waiting several more minutes and getting no further responses, we decided to move to the room the client refers to as the gaming room.  In this room, a large, antique oil painting and a mirror face each other.  As noted in the preliminary report, these objects belonged to the person who died in the home.   The K-II meter was placed on top of the television, while the voice recorder and Mel Meter were placed on the gaming room coffee table.   Robyn stood at the doorway and began filming, aiming towards the K-II meter.  While there appeared to be no responses on any of the meters, Robyn’s camera did begin to malfunction.  It went in and out of focus three times, in rapid succession, and then held steady.  In an effort to find out if this was just some internal issue with the video camera, Robyn asked for the disruption to be repeated in the same way.  The incident did occur again, in the same manner.  Robyn then asked for a third disruption, to make sure it wasn’t a fluke.  A third disruption, in the same manner as the first and second, did occur.  Nothing further occurred, and after waiting several minutes, we decided to put the camera into a stationary position on the wide arm of the sofa facing the mirror, and take a short break.  Unfortunately, after the camera was placed, we forgot to turn it on, so there was no visual recording.

Robyn, Trevor, and I went outside for a smoke.   The client chose to remain inside, in the living room.  When we returned, Robyn discovered that her video camera was not turned on.  This is when we realized that after setting it up so that it was stationary, we had forgotten to take it off of standby.  Upon turning it on and checking the time left on it, she noted that it still had 31 minutes of time remaining.  However, she replaced the battery with a fresh, fully-charged battery, in case the incident was caused by a low battery. We then decided to move to the master bedroom, where the client had reported experiencing most of the activity.  The client joined us for this final part of the investigation.  Robyn’s voice recorder sat atop the dresser – where she had placed it when we first began the investigation.  The K-II meter, Mel Meter, and a second voice recorder were placed on the client’s bed.  The digital camera was set to video to record any changes in the meters.  The camera was later attached to a tripod and then repositioned to record the meters hands-free.

At one point during the questioning, Trevor stated that he had seen a slight response on the K-II meter.  Half of a second light had momentarily flashed.  We were unable to get more than that, however.  We did note some slight EMF and temperature fluctuations on the Mel Meter, but we attributed those to the ignition of the furnace, which, when it was running, significantly increased the temperature.

Remote Readings

Michele reported strong feelings of negativity, substance abuse, and “brothers but not brothers” (the client and his brother-in-law). She also reported feeling there had been a fight among two males over money owed, and something to do with a hallway.  She also felt there was something wrong with the underside of the home – she described it as being “under the home, but not from the land.”  She did not sense the objects belonging to the deceased person, nor did she pick up on any female energy.  She also reported that she felt the activity occurring in the home is not of a paranormal nature, but rather, it has something to do with living people.

Shae reported strong feelings of negative energy being brought up from below the home – from the land itself.  He did pick up on objects belong to the deceased person, but he also reported feeling that the activity in the home is more likely caused by living people attracting negative energy and perpetuating it.  He did not feel there was any paranormal activity occurring in the home.

Although we found Shae’s and Michele’s reports to be very interesting – and despite being able to validate their perceptions with the client – these remote viewings are not presented as any form of evidence.  As stated in the preliminary report, this is an experimental process for us to help us determine whether or not this type of investigative procedure can be used and relied upon in locations too small to facilitate the entire team.


After carefully reviewing all of the audio and video footage, taking into considering our initial findings during our preliminary interview, and hearing Shae’s and Michele’s reports, we have determined that at this time, there is no paranormal activity occurring in the home.  It is our opinion that high levels of EMF as well as structural issues within the home are responsible for what the client has been experiencing.  The home is very small; high EMF in the furnace, the exterior power box in the yard, and the electrical panel in the master bedroom are bombarding the client on a daily basis.  The home itself is structurally compromised and in dire need of repair; virtually all the sounds we heard during the investigation could be traced back to or attributed to mechanical and/or electrical issues due to age, lack of maintenance, and water leakage.

The malfunction in Robyn’s camera was attributed to possible EMF surges occurring in the home, as were the hits on the K-II meter, as we found no audio or video evidence to explain those occurrences.  Team member Trevor suggested that the cold spots experienced by the client are caused by the movement of air through the heating ducts, drafts from structural separations between the additions on the home and the supporting walls, improperly sealed or seated windows, and insufficient or missing insulation in the flooring throughout the home.  He also concurs with Robyn that the client is surrounded from the outside and inside of the home by high levels of EMF, and that this continual exposure is creating an adverse effect on the client.

We have discussed our findings with our client and provided him with information we feel will be of the greatest benefit.  We have also encouraged him to contact his landlord to have the structural issues attended to as soon as possible.  Should any further issues occur after these issues are resolved, we will consider returning for another investigation.  At this time, however, this case is closed.


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    That’s too bad you didn’t encounter anything… oh well, I guess that’s a part of it…


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