On March 23, 2013, we conducted a preliminary investigation at a local private residence. The client resides in the southeast quadrant of the city in a district that was established in 1969. Research into the area showed that prior to the district itself being established, the entire area was predominantly farm- and pastureland, and was not a part of the city itself until 1961, when the city annexed the land and development of the district began. The specific location where the client resides was also farm- and pastureland prior to development.

The client related to us that the landlord’s spouse passed away in the master bedroom of the home in 2011. The client further shared that when they moved into the home, they removed all but a few items belonging to the deceased spouse. The remaining belongings were hauled away.

The client moved into the home at the beginning of January, 2013. The client stated that within approximately two weeks of moving in, unexplained events began occurring. The claims are as follows:

— seeing a black shadow figure in master bedroom

— intense cold spots

— doors opening and closing on their own

— doors banging when no one but the client is home

— footsteps heard on front porch

— items disappearing and reappearing

— hearing people walking around, coming through the front door

— banging on walls

— master bedroom gets freezing cold, even though it is the hottest room in the house (is near the furnace)

— bed covers being lifted off of client while client is in bed

The client shared that several other family and friends have witnessed various events in the home. The following experiences have been provided by those witnesses during telephone interviews.

Witness#1: While playing a golf video game, the witness heard a big bang. The client jumped up to see who was at the door, but found that no one was there, but the door was mysteriously open. The witness said the door hit so hard that the walls of the home literally shook. The witness stated that there was no wind when the event occurred, and that the door was closed but not locked. The witness also shared that their spouse saw a knife in the knife holder in the kitchen seeming to be floating above the holder.

Witness #2: While vacuuming after clean-up and removal of belongings of the deceased, the witness turned off vacuum and heard footsteps on the front porch. The witness went outside and looked around, but found that no one was there. The witness also shared that when approaching the master bedroom, they experience strong feelings of intruding and of being unwelcome. The witness also revealed that the landlord’s deceased spouse was an alcoholic, and that the landlord and deceased spouse had marital issues (which included at least one known incident of domestic violence) that resulted in separation. Later, the deceased spouse was diagnosed with colon cancer. The witness stated that during the cleanup, they found the death certificate for the deceased spouse; “heart failure” was stated as the cause of death..

The Preliminary Investigation

Upon entering the home and taking a seat at the kitchen table, I experienced an unexpected and inexplicable sensation of deep heaviness on my head and shoulders. I also experienced an unexpected and inexplicable sensation of nausea in a room the client refers to as a gaming room. The nausea occurred only in the gaming room. The sensation of heaviness dissipated as we began to wrap up the preliminary interview.

We asked our intuitives, Shae and Michele, to attempt a remote viewing of the location to see if they could pick up any impressions. This is an experimental process for us to determine whether or not information can be obtained when we are in locations where space is limited and the number of team members has to be reduced. Shae and Michele both requested that the preliminary interview be videoed.  The client gave permission for this, and video has been recorded for them.

While I interviewed the client about the events that have been occurring, Robyn also took base EMF readings in every area of the home. Readings varied between 0.1mG (milligauss) and 12mG. An electrical panel box was discovered to be right beside the head of the client’s bed. It was also discovered that the power-box for the entire block is located outside the client’s bedroom. We wondered if perhaps there may be a correlation between the opposing indoor panel box and the exterior power box, and the possible EMF being generated between the two that may potentially affect the client.

Other things we noticed were a large crack in the porch window, possibly rotting floorboards in the bathroom, causing soft spots in the floor which, for safety reasons, we have encouraged the client to address as soon as possible. A ticking sound was noted coming from the furnace that we think is a timer setting that tells the furnace when to shut off. The client stated that after that sound, the furnace will run for another five minutes. We also examined photos the client told us belonged to the deceased, and we noticed that the frames are reflective, and that light can bounce off from the windows and cause distortions that may appear as shadow figures. In one of the rooms there is a large mirror with etchings on all four sides that sits almost directly opposite to one of the framed photos belonging to the deceased. The client informed us that this mirror was also one of the things left behind.

A full investigation was conducted the evening of Mar. 23. Our newest team member, Trevor, joined Robyn and I. The results of the investigation, including Shae and Michele’s remote readings, will be posted when analysis and review of all audio, video, and still footage has been thoroughly analyzed.

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