We are very excited and happy to announce a new addition to our team:  Karyn.  Karyn is bringing to the team curiosity, enthusiasm, and a genuine desire to experience life from a completely different perspective, and we are looking forward to working with her.  We’re sure she’ll adjust to our sometimes nutty, sometimes inappropriate, sometimes “WTH?” sense of humor in no time.  😀  Welcome aboard the Wolf Paranormal train, Karyn; we’re looking forward to this journey with you!

In other news, work on the website continues, thanks to Robyn’s relentless determination to bring the site to a very specific standard of perfection and excellence.  Every Saturday, updates are made to the site, so be sure to visit often – and let us know what you think of it so far!  Drop us a line at: mail@wolfparanormal.com !

Though we are dealing with cold weather and what seems like a ton of snow on the ground, we are not idle.  We are continuing to research various locations both new and previously-visited, making plans for out-of-town investigations, reviewing new membership applications, working on the website (as was mentioned already), and much more.  So stay tuned to this blog, the website, and our Facebook page for more updates.  We are on the prowl – and soon, we’ll be back on the hunt!

  1. Gaycanuck says:

    Looking forward to your next investigation and WELCOME to your newbie KARYN!

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